Display Advertising

Our online display solution allows advertisers to effectively reach their target audiences to achieve branding objectives. Advertisers can run standard IAB banners, rich media and video formats. Campaigns can be targeted across the entire network, content channels, or individual sites. With a global reach, premium verticals, and robust targeting options, we make it simple to generate a positive ROI while maintaining brand safety.

We work with all pricing models:

CPM (Cost per Mille): Increase brand awareness with a Cost per Mille (CPM) campaign. Branding efforts can be an integral component of any marketing strategy. The traditional CPM model converges with new technologies to increase performance, scalability and measurability for your branding strategies.

CPC (Cost per Click): This model delivers a powerful vehicle to bring high volumes of traffic to your virtual business front.

CPL (Cost per Lead): Cost per Lead campaigns provide Buyers with valuable individual consumer information to expedite the sales process and close more profitable deals. You determine what information a customer must provide in order to be considered a valid and billable "lead."

CPA (Cost per Acquisition): Cost per Acquisition campaign produces a highly reliable return on investment for any advertiser requiring a specific payable action.

Re-Targeting: Drive return visits by showing ads exclusively to your previous visitors.


  • Autos / Vehicles
  • Books / Literature
  • Business / Finance
  • Computers / Electronics
  • Education / Higher Learning
  • Entertainment
  • Food / Drinks
  • Gaming
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Internet / Telecom
  • Lifestyles
  • News / Periodicals
  • Online / Social
  • Pets / Animals
  • Real Estate
  • Recreation
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Technology / IT
  • Travel